George Woods

Sr. Cloud Solution Architect - Corporate Team at Microsoft

Take home items from my 1st PASS Summit and most likely blog topics for the foreseeable future.

13 Nov 2018

Besides catching up with some old friends. This conference is awesome. Everyone is very friendly, welcoming and willing to help. You truly feel like you are part of the #sqlfamily. I’ll post more about the atmosphere in the future.

Power BI

  • datasets will be available in other workspaces. For instance, you will be able to share datasets across workspaces
  • new workspaces are the future and will allow 4 roles. viewer, contributor, admin, member

SQL Server – 25th anniversary

  • Azure Managed instance
    • More like on-prem SQL Server
    • possibly save money on Barracuda backups
    • has sql server agent to be able to run jobs
  • Azure SQL Elastic Pool
    • Kind of like “load balancing” your SQL server instances
  • Azure SQL V-core
    • Possibly cheaper licensing model than current DTU’s
  • SQL Server 2019


  • Package Deployment is once again available in 2016 or newer
    • Not sure if this would help us at all, but it was interesting to hear
  • Azure Active Directory Federated
    • This is a way to have Azure AD look at your domain\…. user account and connect it to your Azure AD account. I know this can help with Azure SQL Databases and I believe this can also help with connecting SSRS/PowerBI Report Server reports to Azure Analysis Service
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse is meant for systems larger than 2TB or 3 TB
  • Azure Dev Ops – replacing VSTS
  • Azure Data Studio – Can this replace SSMS?
    • Being heavily developed
  • Visual Studio Code
    • Json templates for Azure
  • Adobe color wheel
    • Can use this for color schemes and also to find hex values of colors.
    • Can create themes from this website
    • 1 in 12 men are color blind, 1 in 200 women are color blind, so we have to watch how reports are built using colors for metrics.