George Woods

Sr. Cloud Solution Architect - Corporate Team at Microsoft

Losing Statistics

13 Apr 2015

In a world where data is king, why do we as Business Intelligence Developers not capture our own data. For instance, when we send reports out by email, we lose any kind of insight we may have on our reports. Who is looking at them, how often, what are peak times? This can make it very difficult for down times and notifications if there are any issues.

We also make some items available through Tableau, but unless you deep dive in to their PostGres database, you only see the last time someone logged on to the system. Then there’s Sharepoint. I’ll admit, I don’t know a lot about whether you can get this level of detail from Sharepoint, but I would be happy to assume that you can get a lot more than by only attaching reports to emails.

We need a better plan.